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Veggie ClubVeggie Club...

The Veggie Club is made up of people who are vegetarians, vegans or people interested in learning about vegetarianism. You can stay up to date about all of our meetings by joining our mailing list. You can write to Sarita Sharma at to join the club

The Veggie Club’s mission is to promote the merits of a vegetarian diet, including its impact on animal, human, and planet health. The club also facilitates the creation of social ties among its members, and participates in community service activities


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India Fairs & Festivals...

We foster cultural diversity through our cultural events and festivals. We organize four major festivals in Naperville. Over 2000 people attend our festivals.

Upcoming Events:

  • Indian cultural festival - Sep 20th, , 2014

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Youth services Youth Services...

Simply Vedic Programs are designed to facilitate youth and young adult in education,, cultural enrichment activities and community volunteering.




The tenets of the Vedic way are based on non- denominational principles prescribed in the Vedas – ancient texts originating in India. The essence of the Vedic principles applied to modern day life is ‘simple living and high thinking’. Simply Vedic is based on the eternal Vedic principles of compassion, generosity, ahimsa (non-violence), and oneness with nature. These principles translate into our programs to support the needy, strengthen families, and provide access to health, education, and wholesome food.

Simply Vedic invites you to take part in improving the lives of potentially vulnerable neighbors. Several human and cultural services programs run by Simply Vedic help children, seniors, and the community at large. You can change the story of a neighbor in need by volunteering or donating to a specific program.

Simply Vedic is a registered non profit organization with 501 (C) (3) status. To fund our programs, We need your support. All your contributions are tax deductible.

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